Volumio and Highresaudio multiple glitches

I try to use Highresaudio with volumio but there are certain glitches that I cannot overcome. My system version is 3.233.

The worst one are that it keeps randomly changing to the next track!
The second one is if i try to view an album from the volumio ui it crashes and restarts.

The code is not opensourced (because it is a premium feature) and I cannot debug it.
What are the options here?

I suggest you to update volumio to the last stable version. I can’t assure it will fix all your problems, but a lot of improvement have been done.
If still occurs after, send log. As premium, you have a specific tech support too. Contact them.

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Got exactly the same problems with Highresaudio. Especially randomly changing to the next tracks is really bad. Actually this happens only with longer tracks (10 minutes or longer). I am using the latest version 3.251 and still have the same problems.

Me too with latest version, problem not fixed… I think it does not depend on the duration of the song, just the long ones have more propability to skip.

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Do you still have the same issues? For me nothing has improved yet. (Version 3.324)