Volumio 3 with Pi3B+ and HifiBerry DIGI hat does not work when Raspberry Pi Display is attached

Hi, what I have is a fresh Volumio installation (3.179) with HiFiBerry DIGI hat on Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Raspberry Pi Display. When Raspberry Pi Display is disconnected, everything is working fine.

When Raspberry Pi Display is connected, the display itself is operational and if I would like to play some music, what I get is “Error, Failed to open “alsa” (alsa); Failed to open ALSA device “volumio”: No such device”. If I would disconnect Raspberry Pi Display everything would work just fine.


Thank you so much for your help!

Do you have the dedicated SDA and SCL cables connected between display and Pi? If so, remove them so only the DSI (white ribbon cable) and the connections for +5V and Ground remain.

Thank you @gvolt - that helped!!