Volumio 3 Buster Beta for RPi

Thanks, I have done both and it has now correctly registered the fixed IP.

There seems to have been a change to content of cmdline.txt.
The section that was, console=serial0,115200 kgdboc=serial0,115200
is now
"console=serial0,115200 console=tty1
Is this because of the change to Buster?
The reason for asking is because I use the UART connection with my PreAmp display.

You should still be able to use the UART – what issues are you facing? This was done during the boot debugging for Buster initially (see Adding a Status LED for RP3 B+ - #8 by ashthespy for some details if you are interested)

Thanks Ash.
With Volumio 2.xx I had to remove that section so that the Python code on the PI could communicate with the Pic Controller in my PreAmp. Not my design but from here:
I haven’t remade the connection since moving to PI3B and V’ 3.101, I was just thinking ahead.

PI 3B, Volumio 3.101, HiFi Berry DIGI2 Pro.
Sadly failed at stage one, attempting to play an album from my NAS.
A popup ALSA error was displayed saying ‘Volumio no such device’. ALSA errors I have seen before have been because the I2S DAC setting had not been registered, but this is a new DIGI board?

Reverting back to Volumio 2.915 to check my hardware.

Hi ,

I have buster v 3.111. I see that when playing qobuz playlist the songs are not played in sequential order also if I press next , other song is played form the playlist not the next one .
Anyone experience the same issue ?


Is the shuffle icon unchecked?

That’s very strange , I did not think about this because I have never change it . The color was green , now I press it and it is white and it is ok .

Thanks for hint .

Not sure if this is the right place… but i will try anyways…
Today i went for the first time to volumio beta ( version 3.101 ) on raspberry pi 4…
basically all i need to work is working. ( Spotify Connect, Qobuz, Youtube And Snapcast )
I also installed Spotify as normal plugin… installation went fine… login went fine the only thing there is now sound comming out… now i understand there is no support yet for plugins… but maybe someone already tried this and found a solution… if this plugin will also work i would have everything i need from this sytem… So far all is looking good :stuck_out_tongue:

Kind regards and keep up the good work… Love volumio… ))

Hi Odiesman,
old plugins will not work on Volumio 3.X since a lot has changed in the way we use the audio stack.
You should start from 3.111 and install the plugins which are in the plugins store, those are the ones that are verified to work

Hi, which repository can I download 3.111 from for testing with plugins?

There is a new update available: Volumio 3 Release Candidate 1:


The next stage of testing will involve a Volumio 3 Announcement with reported feedback in a new single thread for RPi, Tinkerboard, and x86 .

Thread closed … see you in the new thread. :smiley: