Volumio 3.2.2 - no Web Radio

First off, yes, I have read through Volumio 3 issues: hints and solutions already
Now here’s my issue. My wife had a Volumio 2 running on an RPI3 that she used primarily for Internet radio. 2 days ago, it gave up the ghost. I ended up flashing a new Volumio using the RPI Volumio 3.2.2 build. Now, when I go into web radio, there are no top 500, no by genre, no by country, no internet radio stations listed at all, and searches for Internet radio stations I did have (and still have on another working Volumio 2) cannot be found. Was Internet Radio turned off in the v3, or is there a hidden setting I need to toggle? I mean, I cannot get any internet radio to load at all. Playback of NAS drives, no problem.
-Hugh Ferguson

I’m new to Volumio.
My setup:

Both of those issues seem due to the fact that you don’t have internet access on the device.

Check that:

  • If you configured the IP manually (static) you put proper gateway value
  • The device is not blocked from internet access