Volumio 3.198 strange myvolumio issue

volumio 3.198 no updates and strange thing with login browser version says that he has the free login (browser on pc )
but he acts if he doesn’t have logged in and on the pi not logged in and can’t login button doesn’t respond.

please advice…


??? Not sure to understand you… Sorry

what doesn’t you understand @balbuze ,
if i login with my pc (myvolumio) i see my free account …
if i look at the pi’s screen he’s not …
if i try to login on the pi login button (of myvolumio) does nothing if i press it.
so i can’t login on the pi.
reboot doesn’t do a thing.
this is what i have…

can’t update to a other version keeps on checking …

this is the pc

this is the pi login button on the right top doesn’t respond on press.
and stays on update please wait a life time if i put it in test mode or not.

i hope you understand it like this…
‘‘Not sure i understand Volumio 3.198’’
it was a fresh install only powered down for a few weeks and now this happens…

i can’t do any update any more ssh volumio updater forceupdate or updater cleanupdate does nothing.

need a clean new install again i guess … :worried: sd seems to be dead / physical disk errors like bad sectors.

please remove this topic i solved it … it was a corrupted mbr / sd now on latest version so it’s fixed.

darn Just ordered a “Cryptical crystal Ball” to get that one translated, or as we say in Dutch “meej oe steenkool Engels” :rofl:

is your english so bad that you orderd a new set of balls?

just one ball