Volumio 3.150: Oh my goodness….what have they done…

Volumio has just entered the big time. Check out the Now Playing screen on my 55 inch screen.

Right up there with ROON visuals, better than Apple. TV. Congratulations and thank you! Stunning!


Hello Volumio-people
Thank you for the new user interface, I’m thrilled!
I think it’s really well done. Very contemporary - TOP!
This is a very great innovation!


Yeah, well done, guys: looks great!

When is this version going to be available? 2.917 is indicated as the latest version in my system setting Check Updates function.

it’s already available as Beta.

Thanks for the link!

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Just updated to 3.150! Quite a big difference than the previous UI. Just need a little time to get used to.


BTW, Volumio are going to have a Black Friday deal this year? :slight_smile:

Looks great, I tried hooking my Pi 4 running V3 to a HDMI input of large screen, no success. I do have the OEM 7" screen attached, is that a conflict?

Do you have the Touch Display plugin installed and enabled?

Is the display connected to HDMI0 of the Pi 4?

What is the brand and exact model name of the display?

Did you modify “/boot/config.txt” and/or “/boot/userconfig.txt”? If so post the output of

cat /boot/config.txt
cat /boot/userconfig.txt

If by that you mean the 7" screen of the Raspberry Pi Foundation (DSI connection) then yes, that’s a conflict.

Yep, It’s the 7" Raspberry OEM screen. Thanks for the info…