Volumio 2 USB DAC

Hello guys!

I have been running Volumio 1 on my Pi 2 since half a year with a Creative SoundBlaster Play USB DAC. Now I installed Volumio 2 but the DAC is not recognized. I compared the alsa conf with the one from Volumio 1 but I can’t see any significant differences. Am I missing some dependencies or are there general problems with USB DACs on volumio 2?

Is the Hifiberry already supported? I’m thinking about buying one…

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Hey tk,

I have the same problem. Does anybody have a clue how to get it working? Any updates?

I got it solved. In the current version it is fixed. But in previous versions you have to modify the /etc/mpd.conf and edit the hw index to 5 because in the alsa-base.conf the usb device gets index five assigned. The only thing that doesn’t work for me is volume control…

I don’t think all USB DACs support a volume control.

The volume control of this device works with volumio 1…

But michelangelo aldeady told me that the volume cintrol for usb devices is not implemented yet… So we have to wait…

@Romanhessel: if you need any advice how to change the mpd.conf, i can post mine, but it should also work with the latest update. There you can select the device in the playback options.


I just installed Volumio 2 (version 20160220) on my pi and started to test. Looks very promising but I don’t get any sound out of my system with my USB DAC. Have changed to “DAC” in playback options.
Have run Volumio 1 with the same setup without any issues. Any suggestions?


Just downloaded the last version (0.976) and the USB Dac is not working.
When doing aplay -l, I can see my USB dac at device Number 5, but it doesn’t show in the output device in the GUI.
I am roling back to 1.55

The name you see in the UI might be unusual… Don’t you see anything at all besides Audio Jack and HDMI?