Volumio 2 Multi Boot (NOOBS or berryboot)?

Ladies and Gents,
is there a way to multiboot new Volumio 2 through NOOBS or berryboot.

At least I would like a solution to dual boot Volumio 2 with OSMC


New image layout for Volumio2 makes it quite difficult unfortunately, more than it used to be with Volumio1.5 (but this layout brings key benefits for normal deployment)
Support for such feature does not seem to be a priority at this stage.
I have not tried much though, but I anticipate many things may break like:

  • OTA upgrades
  • certain DAC settings changes that impact /boot files
  • different kernel versions (and dependencies thereof)
  • some module drivers not available on Berryboot/NOOBS
    Dependency on custom Volumio initramfs is probably the trickiest part to carefully figure-out, as it’s the one managing updates and filesystem layout…

Interested if anyone spent more time on this, and can point to a solution, along with detailed limitations of such hack-ish deployment.

On a parallel track, there have been efforts from @Saiyato to build a Kodi plugin running on Volumio, which might get you somehow reasonably close to where you want…

I hope there will be a progress in the future.
Now I use OSMC + RuneAudio dual boot solution that is working fine, but I would really like to try new Volumio in my setup.
It is a receiver project (RPi+Sabre DAC with tube preamp, optional tone control and two D-class amps powering two sets of speakers) and
it is convenient for me to run it from one SD card.

looking forward

I see there’s some efforts to run Volumio under docker
Maybe totally overkill option, but fun to look at & evaluate as a multiboot alternative to Berryboot/NOOBS environment…


FWIW some interesting detailed info here.

An easy berryboot how-to guide is available, since with Volumio 2 v2.185, things are now a little-bit more convenient.