Volumio 2 and Library view

First off, I want to thank the people who work on Volumio for their hard work - it is a great-looking (meaning: simple, it does what it should do and no more) system and I very much want to make this work for me.

I have a large music collection: just over 12,000 tracks from just under 1000 albums. Based on my experience with version 1.55 and a smaller library (before I had everything ripped), the library view is really the only way to search through it. I need to be able to sort by genre, artist and album. More than half of the collection is classical and assembling a playlist from individual tracks is just no feasible. Now that I have everything ripped, though, in 1.55 I can no longer see the library: it shows as empty, presumably because of its size.

So my questions for Volumio 2 are:

  • will it have a library view? I don’t currently see it. I seem to remember seeing a thread that commented it’ll be activated again once version 2 is formally released
  • Will the new library view be limited to a certain number of tracks and if so, is it larger than the number I currently have?

Many, many thanks for all your continued work on this!

For me the library view is the one major thing missing in a fantastic software.

Jotak did some work for 1.55 which worked fairly well. There was a problem with loading times (like when scrolling) on larger libraries.
But I guess that is just expected when having to transfer lost of data interactively. I know he did something with pre-loading if I remember correctly.
Note. I’m don’t know programming or webstuff.

I once posted in a thread about the Sound@Home app, but with no answer. I would imagine that a well structured local database on the device you control the music from would be a good approach and then having a “real” application running but if it is possible to get it smooth on a web gui also that would be very nice.