Volumio 2 and brutefir

buongiorno.forse and stupid as a question.I have always wondered why the simple rate should be left at 44,100? and a bottleneck? introduces losses on high resolution listening?

Hi! Where have you seen that? There is no problems with Res, just create filters that match with it.

Thank you for all…

hello and is it normal that at the end of the installation the terminal remains on “finalizing the installation”? I waited a while but it stays still. quite right?

Yes, you can exit the CMD (ctrl +X) and must enable the plugin in the plugin page in Ui

I can’t create the filter. i made the measurement with rew and exported as wawe according to the manual. but when i go to create the filter it gives me an error and then the page waits. restart and i don’t see the filter

Do you have space in your wav file name?

i’m a donkey sorry. i left a space after the hyphen between the first and second word. it works just created. you are really great. the plugin maybe not very important for at home but i have to implement in the car and i pointed all about DRC, I am convinced that I can sound better than conventional dsp for auto. I hope it becomes official

the creation of the filter does not satisfy me very much because the target curve is very theoretical. I prefer to use rephase as I have done in the past. only that the txt format is not accepted. it does not sound. I see the test filters are in pcm format, in rephase it saves them as text, or as waw. and I don’t get any sound even after reboot

There is no problem using filters generated by rephrase. Filters can be txt wav pcm DBL. The only thing they must be mono and with a length a power of two. If no sound, check journalctl -f to see what happens.
Edit: click on the i on the right side of filter field to see what is supported.
You can create your own target curve too

corrupt micro sd. during the update I read missing file. and after as soon as I activated the plugin it disconnected and the Raspberry no longer flashes. I inserted the micro sd into the pc and it does not display it. impossible to format. I take a new micro d I start again from the beginning

I can’t believe it.Registered volume or downloaded the plugin.just. I load the filters it stops ringing. restart and volume and dead again. that I am wrong to make the filters I understand. but I do not understand why it creates irreversible damage

not sure I understand you… please send log : https://volumio.github.io/docs/User_Manual/Sending_logs_for_troubleshooting.html

i just formatted. i am writing volumio. unfortunately I did not understand what it means that the two filters must have the length one the power of two. the translator does not help me. on volumio doc the instructions say to set length 65536.

Why did you format again?
Power of two :
It means that filter length must be the result of 2^y = 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536…
If you see this message, it means it not the case… How do you generate it? Using REW or Rephase should be fine.

generated with rephase.ok then 65536 is fine. the format is 32/64 bits floats lines (txt). but there is no written mono. vobaf is default and I set equal to rephase.

good and does it work?

no. and just the one that sent the system into a tailspin. now I’ll try again

I would not like the problem and the dac khadas tone board. strange though that with the test filters it works

Can you send one of your filters?