Volumio 2.904 Kali reclocker Piano 2.1 Now needs resampling after update from 2.884

RPi 4
Volumio 2.904
Kali Reclocker & Piano 2.1

Previously worked fine without resampling on 2.884 (? here, might have been a bit later)

White noise unless I select 32bit resampling.

Hi chsims1,

As reported in another thread i constantly had to resample to 32Bits to get rid of the noise when having a Kali between a PI and Piano2.1 as well as when using other DACs also with v2.882 and v2.884. Same expectably now with v2.904…

I collected 5 pieces of Kali over the time and now have tested all of them with each mentioned Volumio version.

ever got noise unless resampling to 32Bit.

But - i always tested with PI3, PI3+ or PI2 - not yet with a PI4…

I will go on with a PI4 and v2.884 soon.
As this noise is thanks to some change in the kernel - i read when this issue came up first since v2.5?? - i guess there is something that only affects PI4 that you got it running without noise while not resampling to 32Bit.

Strange anyway.