Volumio 2.882 Bluetooth stops playing

I can easily connect my phone and Win10 pro computer to Bluetooth on my Raspberry Pi4 and it will play. The problem is that it disconnects after a short time, it also disconnects if I pause a piece of music especially Youtube videos. If I pause and restart the audio or video stream the music plays again but then drops connection again after a short time.

it looks like we found the bug. Volumio will release an update soon. See this thread.

Yes, but this does not say Volumio 2. Don’t be surprised this will be on Volumio 3 only.

Update v3.198


  • Fix Bluetooth Playback stopping

BT is working flawlessly for the first time.
Pi4B v1.4
Volumio 3.198

Glad to hear that! If you spot something more, please let us know

@volumio I’ve been listening for an hour. Stopping & starting, all good. I had gone back to a BT tranceiver on my amp due to interruptions, but now I can use Volumio’s BT input instead - better quality.

When streaming with Bluetooth, an error occurs and that is when the end of a song comes about 5 seconds without sound, then the next song starts playing without sound. After pressing the pause and play button it works from time to time. Raspberry Pi 3. V3.198


To understand what goes wrong in your case, would you mind sending a log:

  1. After the issue occurs (no reboot)
  2. Do this: Sending logs for troubleshooting - Volumio Documentation
  3. Paste the log link here


Processing: logs.volumio.org/volumio/JvB73aR.html…

Thanks to all. You make a great job.