Volumio 2.861 overwhelms Tinkerboard S

I just updated Volumio to 2.861 on my Tinkerboard S, now playback of either NAS files or Qobuz is choppy (pauses randomly) and the UI becomes unresponsive quite often. DSD playback suffers the most, the conversion to PCM seems to overwhelm the Tinkerboard S.

None of these problems were present with the previous version (Nov 2020).

It does not appear to be a network issue - although connected over WiFi, neither the Router or Tinkerboard has been moved, Volumio shows 72Mbit/s speed available on 2.4GHz band (all other active devices are on 5GHz band)

Any tips? Fresh installation required?

Thanks in advance
Setup details:
Tinkerboard S (2GB Ram, Quad-Core, 16GB eMMC)
USB DAC: Meridian Explorer 2 (PCM up to 192/24, not DSD capable)