Volumio-2.806 Equalizer issue Rpi4 and Topping DX3pro USB Dac

Hi everybody, I’m doing my first steps with Rpi4 and Volumio 2. I’m using a USB XMOS U208 Dac (hw vol mode). Rpi4 is connected via Ethernet. The USB Dac is well detected and the sound quality is OK. When I activate the plugin (10 band or parametric Equalizer, official plugins), no playback and no sound anymore. The only way to get audio back is to deactivate the plugin and reboot the Rpi4. Any idea on what could be wrong? (same results by using USB 2.0 or 3.0) Do I need to send a log file? Based on what I’ve seen on this forum, Topping Dac seem to work fine with Volumio…Many thx in advance for your help!

do you use last version of volumio?
do you use last version of the plugin (15 bands)?
if yes, send log please

Hi Balbuze, I’ve a very good news, by having done the latest update of Volumio 2, both equalizers are now working (the sound quality is amazing :-)). There’s just the volume control that seems not work anymore with the parametric one (volume remains at 100%), maybe normal?
Great job!
Thx Luc