Volumio 2.699 - worse than 2.698 ...

… at least - for me. First - sometimes 2.699 looses wifi (i’m using AP only , without internet) for last 3 days -3 times ,
it looks like my RPI’s 4 wifi is switched off for some reason… hard reset (power-off) is only way …
and 2.699 sometimes looses storage information … (USB pendrive ) - re-conecting usb drive helps.
and - what is most important - for me 2.699 sounds definitively worse than 2.698 … 2.699 is a step back in a sound quality… (and functionality)
2.698 works flawless for me…
I’m never “updating” - only full , fresh image of the new version .
RPi4B + I2s Dac ( Iancanada’s FiFopi ,dac,i/v stage)


fully agree with you. I think the trouble started with release 2.692.

I have lost DSD. Worked very well up to that release.

I wonder how much regression testing the Volumio team is doing before deploying a new release.

Seems some of the releases go backwards… not forwards…


My install on my Pi of 2.699 isn’t working at all. How can I find a link to an older version?

Hello ,
Same for me on Rasberry Pi 3 b+ .
Loosing WIFI-Music-Stream after some time.
Need to restart the Stream.
Then it works again for nearly half an hour.

What I’d like to see is a feature to do a roll back and to have all future releases labelled as Beta test releases until bugs are ironed out. At least with a rollback feature we could go back to a previous working build with having to reflash and set it up again.

I agree on a rollback system upgrade. With so much room on SD cards maybe someone can write a system backup&resture plugin full system backup and then restore.

Have problems with wifi connections being lost under 2.699. Seems Aug 2019 release is stable tho.

Why does Volumio 2 write to the volumio.log file constantly? Doesnt this degrade the SDcard over time. I have several 7/24 rpi Volumio systems.

BTW what file extentio s are allowed for uploading to the forum? I’ll upload the volumio.log file.

Volumio write log on ram only to avoid Sd dégradation.
To send log, have a look here https://volumio.github.io/docs/User_Manual/Sending_logs_for_troubleshooting.html

Thank you Balbuze.

I noticed the rpi SD activity LED flashes regularly every few seconds and assumed it was log file writing.

Has anyone tested Volumio 2.703 for better wifi connectivity?

2.703 solved the multi node/ multi room user interface issue.

I updated to 2.703 on both of my RPi systems and the issue was resolved. Since the upgrade both systems have been rock solid. Streaming Qobuz using mconnect on iOS and Android also works pretty consistently.

  • USB HDD > Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (iFi iPower)
  • Synology NAS > Raspberry Pi 3 A+ (iFi iPower)


:angry: Upgraded to 2.703. Will test wifi connectivity and report.