Volumio 2 2.254 on MacBook

I installed Volumio 2 2.201 on my 2007 MacBook black, and did the updates thru to ver 2.254.

I have the following issues:

  1. during boot the following error is displayed for 3mins before booting continues.After Volumio has booted, the wired network connection works ok without issues.
    “A start job is running for LSB: Raise network interfaces (XXXs / no limit)”

This error did not happen on the first boot after upgrading to 2.246, but started again after upgrade to 2.254

  1. Shutdown and Restart do not work - Neither work and just show a blank screen (that characters can be typed upon) and nothing happens. Shutdown/restart worked after upgrading to 2.246,but stopped working again after upgrade to 2.254

  2. SSH - How do I enable SSH, there is no option through the GUI to do this. Is there a way to go to console through the GUI?

  3. Where is the option for “consume” in the playlist ‘queue’ screen, there is no icon to click on the top RHS of the screen.

Any help would be appreciated.