Volumio 2.031 does not display all cover art

I use volumio 2.035 installed on a raspberry 3. I just installed the image and made no changes.

ON the inserted usb stick are several mp3 albums. The mp3 files have been edited using mp3tag. All mp3 files include a cover art.

When browsing the file with volumio or start to play them, not all covers are displayed. For some albums/mp3 files the cover art is displayed correctly for the other files a generic art cover is displayed (looks like a mixture of several cover pictures with an big o over it)

I have the same problem. I’m also annoyed about that Volumio takes forever to boot up compared to Rune-Audio…

See here :

As for boot time, this is especially true for PI1. Mainly because we load the entire system in RAM, so it just takes more to boot, but after that its much faster and will avoid your SD Card to be ruined.

Thank you for your answer

If I understand it correctly I should add a file in the folder containing the cover art (e.g. cover.jpg)

I can’t understand why the latest version of RuneAudio, several years old displays embedded coverart in FLAC-files perfectly and Volumio doesn’t… Is it such a complex feature?

Not a complex feature at all, but it adds a significant performance degradation (when reading files from NAS, since it needs to download the whole file before being able to extract the embedded cover art). So, in the constant tradeoff beetween performances and features, we decided to drop embedded cover arts support.

May I suggest that you add the possibility to open up for that feature in the appearance section? I’m running from an external USB-source and I can´t be alone… I’m not so kind about adding an extra file for 3000 albums/folders…

I tested it on my system. Adding a “cover.jpg” to each folder conataing an album, volumio displayed the correct cover art