Volume control for devices in multi-room mode

Volumio 3.378 on rPi4, have 4 units, 3 with HiFiBerry DAC’s, one with a USB attached iFi Zen DAC, feeding it from local storage and Youtube Music. I’m replacing my Roon/Tidal setup, since I was paying for Youtube Premium anyway… Save me a bundle.

Anyway, after a day’s tweaking and reading, I’ve got all 4 rPi’s playing, synced to the same stream from YouTube or my own ripped CD’s. 7" touchscreen is working… All is good… except.

One question I can’t find the answer to: How do I adjust volume in multi room, or ‘grouped’ mode? If there’s a way to do so, it’s well hidden :smiley: There’s a single slider when you hit the system selection, but it doesn’t appear to do anything in this mode. No volume control on ‘grouping’ list…

Anyone point me in the right direction?


There is a thread about Multiroom Master Volume Control, but unfortunately it is not implemented (yet?).

I’m waiting for it desperately. :disappointed_relieved:


I’ve looked the master volume thread over, thanks. That’d be great, but wasn’t what I was looking for… it did however, encourage me to look for something they mentioned, an ‘easy’ way to change individual volumes, which is what I was looking for.

I found it.

Hit the System button, you get a menu ‘play here, grouping, cast, switch device’, along with a non-functional volume slider, the subject of the alternate thread. Select Switch Device, which isn’t particularly intuitive, but it gives you a list of all three grouped devices, with an individual volume slider for each.

Just what I was looking for. Hadn’t stumbled upon the ‘Switch Device’ button for changing volume.


Oh, and with this feature fully implemented and stable, Volumio is a very capable replacement for Roon, which is way more expensive, and not particularly stable. Thanks!