Volmio not connecting to WiFi on CuBox


Have installed the latest and greatest Volumio version on my CuBox i-2.

This issue that I found is that the CuBox must be connected to my router via a network cable for Volmio to work.

When Volmio is connected and booted via a wire to my router, I can configure both the wire and wireless connections. I may disconnect the cable, and the wi-fi works fine.

However if I will reboot the CuBox and it is not connected via a wire to my Router, than after the boot volymio will not start any network connections.
Even if I will connect the cable at this stage, Volumio networking will still fail. No data on the cable.

Bottom lne - Must have the network cable connected for Volumio to boot and be on the network.

Major deficiency, at least on the CuBox platform.
I’m stuck :frowning:

Thanks for any help out.