Very Large Music Library -- Very Slow Search -- Bottleneck?

I’m trying to help my kids with their audio set up.

They have a:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 plugged in via headphone to RCA jack to a
  • good set of powered speakers
  • 500 GB / 65,000 song music library (songs either MP3 or AAC) on external HD
  • running Volumino as the music client
  • controlling through the app on their iPhones using the apartment’s WiFi

The music plays perfectly but the search function is horrible. So bad they give up and just play whatever song is there or plug their phones direct to the jack, while their phones still have headphone jacks :slight_smile:, and just play that stuff.

I wonder what the bottleneck could be. Is it the computer, the Volumino audio client, the iPhone app? (I assume it isn’t the hard drive as the music plays – unless there is some weird indexing thing going on).

Any suggestions? Would it help to get rid of the iPhone / WiFi and get a touch screen to control the Pi? …



I found this via a search concerning the same issue - which I am having.

Search is next to completely useless on Volumio. :confused:

Our music library (well, the part we’ve burned to the network music server) is only 15GB or so - and I can never get more than one search in a row to even finish

It’s the same with any streaming service I use via Volumio, including Qobuz and Tidal.

I hope bumping this gets attention for the issue. Overall Volumio is awesome - I’ve even considered a screenplay oriented around it and also involving a musical family with a deaf retired racing scorpion named Fred - but it’s just a couple problems like search responsiveness that holds me back.