v2.246, airplay disconnect, speaker buzzes

Been having airplay disconnects for a coupe versions and have reported those issues as well as provided log files.
I have also been getting since this latest update (static) buzz (zapping) sounds infrequently. It’s very jarring and annoying.
Note: I Airplay Spotify from my iPhone7 to RPi3 / Audiophonics I-Sabre V3 ES9023 TCXO DAC over my WiFi network (Asus RT-AC87U router).

Here is a log for when buzzing happening, stop playing, tried to play again but Volumio airplay service was gone, volumio web site still running.

here is another bug log

This time, was playing music all morning, then switched away for a bit, then tried to go back and Volumio service was gone. Usually I would goto volumio.local/settings/Network and click the ‘Save’ button under “Wired Network” (a tip I found some time ago) which would usually reset some setting and the Volumio service would come back, but this time it did not, and hence sending a new log file :smiley:

wondering if the failing of AIRPLAY service is a limited issue that I am unfortunately experiencing or is this a more widespread issue :question:

it’s happened to me once where the speaker started buzzing but I also experience sever dropouts and disconnects when connected from multiple sources