Using Samsung TV as a monitor?

On my Raspberry Pi4b with DAC hat and using Kodi I can connect via HDMI to my large monitor and view the library and select music to play.

I’ve tried to do this with Volumio loaded but can’t make it work.

Is it possible?


normally this should be possible by installing and activating the touchscreen plugin.
under plug-ins / miscellanea / touch display plugin.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I installed the add in, rebooted the Pi4b and the add in was not installed.

I’ll try again but perhaps the add in doesn’t work on the 4b

Ah, tried to install again but pop-up said already installed even though it doesn’t say so. umm.

I plugged the HDMI into the TV and after searching, a screen came up requesting the Volumuio login name - I guess it was trying to load.

the installation of the plugin can take up to 10 minutes or more and after activation it can also take up to a minute before the plugin is ready.

i suggest removing and reinstalling the plugin and make sure the progres bar is at the very end with the words plugin installed.
now you can activate it

a reboot also wants to help sometimes.


and it could just be that the plugin is not working properly in combination with a raspberry pi 4b … I cannot test it.

If you already have the TV and want to repurpose it, then using it for a monitor is a good idea.

You’ll just have to fiddle with the resolution options until you find the one that works best. If your budget is limited, and you found a TV at a better price than a dedicated monitor, it might be worth it to get the TV.

If this is for the main computer that you will use every day, then it might be a better investment to get the stand-alone monitor. Thanks!

I have a 55″ 768 line TV hooked to an old Vista laptop using VGA in my bedroom. (Using it this very moment.) For my HTPC in my living room, I have a 60″ 1080 line TV hooked to a Windows 7 computer by HDMI. In both cases, I use a wireless USB keyboard with included ‘mouse’ support to interact with the computer. The TV must have an input type compatible with an output type of the computer. Nowadays this is usually HDMI. DVI from a computer can easily be converted to HDMI with an inexpensive adapter.