Users in Volumio

I noticed that out-of-the-box my Volumio installation has three users (incl. root). What’s the role of volumio?

I am wondering what user should own what. I am a bit surprised by the fact that root owns /home/volumio. Is that right? If I logon via SSH, should I use pi or volumio?

Let’s say I am running a NFS or samba server on my raspi, does it matter where the shared directory is located? On /home/pi/something or /home/volumio/somethingelse?

newbie Flo

PS: I am loving my Durio Sound!

I use pi, but I know that Volumio is a mess when you check security and users.
Considering it’s a computer running 24/7 on which most people won’t apply any security measure, the current status is very poor.
Even the passwords are standard…
Anyone malicious getting in the network where Volumio is installed has a computer ready to host botnets and send spam.

Security doesn’t seem to be a priority, apparently.