use Volumio + raspberry 3 b+ in car

Hi I am a beginner with raspberry and I tried to install Volumio and everything went well.
At home connected to my system it works properly.
I was wondering if it is possible to put it in the car and create a wifi network where to use Volumio and my smartphone as a hotspot.
Thank you.

Possibly, but for some weird reason Volumio stops working when there is no internet connection.
But it should be possible to use your phone’s internet connection and hotspot feature (assuming you have a modern smartphone with internet data connection). That would supply both a wireless network and an internet connection.
The R Pi would easily be powered by a 5V USB cigarette lighter plug adapter.
Line out from a DAC Hat, or from the R Pi headphone socket could connect to a line/aux input on your car stereo.

We solved the issue about Internet connectivity. Please update to latest version

I’m on 2.729 and it says that’s the latest when I check for updates.
Last night my internet went down and I couldn’t use Volumio on my R Pi.
As fas I could tell Volumio has behaved this way for the past year I’ve been using it.

Then there is still something we haven’t fixed yet. We will go back at it and see if there is some residual issues to tackle

I did some tests, I used a smartphone as a wifi router and another smartphone with the Volumio application installed and it seems to work correctly, I will try it in the car.
Thanks for the info.