usb wifi not supported? dhcp server failed

Sorry, newbie here :slight_smile:
I try to use an usb wifi stick for my Pi-1b. Unfortunately, the dhcp server fails when I boot with the usb-wifi-dongle plugged in. Is there a workaround?
The wifi-dongle works with raspbian.
Is this because volumio expects onboard-wifi (Pi-3)?

Nobody? Hum, guess I have to try another distribution that’s more compatible with my setup. From what I understand this distribution is quite heavy for a Pi1b anyway?

I’m having the same problem. I can input the password in the UI but it doesn’t seem to “take”. The USB dongle is recognised as a hotspot is generated that I can log in to. Editing the /etc/network/interfaces manually does not help. Commenting out any reference to eth0 to force wlan0 to be the only network device doesn’t help either. Perhaps there is a delay set somewhere that isn’t long enough?

Like OP I’m running 0.979 on a Pi B. The same setup does work on 1.55.

mrhk13; did you manage to fix this?