USB or Network for Music Storage

Hello there,

lately i learnd here, it will be better to use an DAC HAT with an RPI 3 than an USB DAC.

But now i have 2 RPI 3 (one 3B and one 3B+). On both are a USB DAC, an Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital.
It seems i have no problems with this setup🤷‍♂️
I read an USB DAC will Not be the best choice, of course the RPI3 use one port for USB and Network together.

I think the Setup has to stay for a while.
At this time the RPI4 is to expensive, could be i updated later.

Now my question,
will it be better to play storeeged music from an USB Stick for this Setup, and turn the Network complety off.
Or Play music over Network to save power of the USB OUT.

Or the third Option. Is there an Board which will be better to use an USB DAC and Network together, and did not cost more than a RPI3?


I’ve used both USB storage and network shared via a Pi powered NAS. Both worked perfectly.

I would always opt for network storage and forget USB-drives.
If you streaming stays below 100MB/s there are no issues with the shared bus.

Hey thsnks,

but who has streaming about 100MB/S at hearing music?

Then i could hear music farther without thinking about :kissing_closed_eyes: