USB Micro SD with NTFS

I have a 128GB micro SD card formatted with NTFS containing a number of albums. I realize that, by default, the Volumio Linux image doesn’t read NTFS, but I have found instructions on the web that appear to enable it ( An earlier attempt to perform the steps outlined at that site seem to have corrupted my Volumio image, leaving me wondering if the updates installed are not compatible with Volumio? Does anyone know if this is possible, or if there are alternate instructions for enabling NTFS that are compatible with Volumio?

Obviously, reformatting the card to a different format would work, as well, although it would require copying the music off and then back onto the micro SD card. If that is the only workable option, which Windows-compatible disk format would be best?


Yes, the problem is the second command you started with, sudo apt-get upgrade. This one will overwrite vital parts of the volumio-specific raspbian distribution. You are not supposed to do this :wink:

You could try without that command, but I did not look any further, there may be more to it.

Yes, another format would be better, FAT32 or exFAT.

As I suspected… I wonder if NTFS support could be rolled into the Volumio image? But that is probably a rare need…

I thought exFAT wouldn’t work with Raspberry Pi? At least not without updating Raspberry Pi (, which would seemingly put me in the same place as updating the Pi for NTFS. As it was, I ended up going with FAT32, even though Windows 10 tries to make this impossible (my micro SD card is 128GB, and Windows 10 tries to prevent FAT32 on anything above 32GB).

Thanks for your reply.

NTFS is supported in Volumio. However, if the volume has not been properly unmounted in windows it is likely that once connected to Volumio, it will just refuse to mount. So make sure you correctly unmount from win\mac before connecting to Volumio