USB memory stick capacity

I am wanting to use a usb memory stick for a portable player. The drive is 2tb but whatever format type I use when I plug it into Volumio it only shows 12Gb. I am using a PiZero2, is there a size limit, I don’t need all 2tb it was just one I had.

Hopefully someone can help

Was it a Cheap 2TB usb drive from wish / Amazon or aliexpress?
than it could be a fake drive.

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i have also that fake drive 2Tb - but it is only 20 Gb

its 2Tb in windows

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Is it a brand usb stick or generic ?
And what was the price of it?

the memory stick is fine, I’ve used another know, branded memory stick and I have the same problem, it doesn’t provide the full capacity available, ITS NOT THE MEMORY STICK

How the stick is formatted?

Ive tried fat32, ntfs, Ext3 Ext4 all the same

I wouldnt know how to do it via volumio to be honnest so using a third party partition manager in windows

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I use and never had this problem.
I use a brunch of them (6) and With a Pc and Linux