USB commands not passed or read by Volumio


If i recall correct, in the last 3 beta releases it seems that the remote commands from my Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital are no longer retrieve/processed in Volumio. Before I was able to use the Prev. Play/Pause and Next button on my remote to control Volumio. Just noticed it isn’t working anymore in the last 2 or 3 builds. The log doesn’t reveal any entry.

Just validated it is still working in V3.179

Thanks for the feedback.

Something must have happened with triggerhappy. On our todo list now

Just call out, if you need me to test something.

It’s also working in V3.198. In the beta updates after V3.198 the function is broken.

Would you mind:

  • Connect via SSH
  • Type
    sudo journalctl -f
  • Press in this order, play, next, previous on the remote control

Paste the logs


euh… for which version, the failing one?

Loosing my mind here.
I’ve flashed a new SD with V3.179 => Working
OTA, V3.198 => Working
OTA, V3.207 => Working
OTA, V3.209 => Working

Took the failing SD back, V3.207 => Working ??? WTF
OTA, V3.209 => Working

Can’t be a cache or something as I always power the hardware down and switch the line voltage off.


Can it be that the DAC itself was to blame?
Sometimes with the Pro-Ject I have to turn it off and on to make it work. Seems the MCU inside gets stuck…

The DAC is turned off from line power on a daily base. (to avoid a display burn-in as that’s always on)
It can’t be a bad USB connection as that would have impacted the sound as it runs on the same data line.

The error is gone, tried even a cold start again, but can’t get the error back.
maybe the DAC had a holiday.
This is really mind bugging…