URLs in Android

I’m probably doing something wrong, but I can only access the server using its IP address when using Android browsers or even MPDroid.

If I type in Raspyfi into the browser it just searches the web for it rather than going to the webUI. Is this fixed in Volumio or am I doing something wrong?

No, unfortunately android doesn’t recognize the volumio.local, so just type the ip to connect…


i cant connect with my android phone to the ip of volumio

is it possible to make mpdroid compatible
in my ipad mpod is running very well


Little bump of the topic, but is this still an issue? Is this due to the bonjour protocol lacking on android?


It looks like the issue is still present with Android, I can access to the web pages by typing the IP of the RPI, but not with the logical name “volumio.local”. Even when having declared this name in the DNS configuration of my local network.
So, is this issue due to a lack of a network discovery protocol in Android or to a lack in the VolumIO distribution?

Many thanks in advance for answers!

It’s an Android’s own problem.

If you have a fixed ip, it’s easy to bookmark it to your desktop (screen top???).

If you don’t have a fixed ip, an app like Fing finds all my Volumio machines’ ip addresses in just a few seconds.