updateDb via websocket API

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.729
Hardware: RPI 3B+
DAC: justboom amp boards


I am using nodered and specifically https://github.com/maxill1/node-red-contrib-volumio to connect to volumio’s websocket.

I am trying to trigger volumio updateDb, however I cant work out the call.

based on the documents it should be

    "data": {}

which based on the code i think translates to

            "data": {}

However i cant seem to get this to work. have i misinterpreted this?

in nodered i am getting error pushevent is not defined. This is what i am putting within my function

 const endpoint = {"endpoint":"miscellanea/my_music", "method":"updateMusicLibraryBrowseSourcesVisibility", "data": {}}
 msg.payload ={
    event: "callMethod",
    data: endpoint
return msg;

Simply emit


and it will work

PS: You use a very old version, I recommend to update

Thank you, I had tried this, but hadn’t appreciated I needed to send “pushState”.

As a follow up is there away to just update specific folders. I see the UI options but can’t see what the UI translates to at socket level


PS - yes I know it is an old version, however everytime i upgrade i lose snapcast. therefore i have pinned to this version where i have a working snapcast until i have more time to debug that)