Unable to ssh into volumio

I am using volumio v.3.378 on a RaspberryPi 4b. Everything is working fine except that I cannot ssh into volumio from Putty using the ip address advertised in the volumio GUI. I can ping the ip address and I can log in via volumio.local and via the android app. I only need to ssh in because after the most recent update volumio finds itself in a workgroup [“Workgroup”] different from every other device on my wired home network [“Home”]. I believe this can be corrected by editing the smb.conf file. Note that Putty allows me to contact other devices on the network.

Have you enable SSH in IP/dev ? :thinking:

To add to Balbuze’s comment, the URL for the dev page might be http://volumio.local/dev/ on your setup. On that page you can enable SSH

Thankyou. This has let me in.