Unable to display Volumio on RPi3 & touchscreen


I’m a new RPi user and my project is to build a jukebox. I have flashed Volumio on to an 8Gb MircoSD card, I have connected up the pi and gone through the black screen with the ASCII and entered the username and password.

Via my laptop broswer, I installed the touch screen plug in. Once installed, I connected up the touchscreen to my pi, booted and I’m presented with the black ASCII screen on the pi again.

Can anyone help as to why this is the case and why I’m not able to see the application?

Enable the plugin :wink:

I did actually try disabling and re enabling in case that IT classic fix would work, but sadly not.

I just have no idea how to have the volumio image running in the background to the Raspian OS/GUI so that I can access the browser