Unable to connect to Modi 3 Multibit

Has been installed and working well for last 2 weeks (using Spotify) with 2 DACs: 1. Marantz PM7005 USB Integrated DAC, and 2. Dragonfly Black 1.5

However, when plugging USB Cable to Schiit Modi Multibit (purchased about a month ago), it sees it in Playback, and can be selected, but it never connects, it times out, and goes back to playing on phone.

Cable is premium, and tested to work on say ipad to Modi Multibit (using Camera module), but it is a stock USB A to B cable. Do I need to make a cable and etch off the 5V or something? (The Modi 3 Multibit is powered by a wall adapter).

Thank you!

Could you share some logs?

Either from the /dev page using the livelog feature or via ssh.

# Volumio logs
journalctl -f -o cat
# vollibrespot logs
journalctl -f -o cat -u volspotconnect2.service

Note you might need sudo before these commands depending on the version of Volumio your running

EDIT: Oh wait, this sounds familiar - the DAC has no hardware mixer. Use Mixer software it it should be good.