Udoo no ethernet connections listed after ifconfig


Just tried my new udoo quad with
VERSION: 1beta
RELEASE DATE: 15-12-2013

from the front download / get started page.
sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … p/download

I have the system plugged into Ethernet and keyboard / hdmi.

the system boots and I can login

running ifconfig

it doesn’t return eth0 as I would expect and appears to be in a local loopback mode.
It is not picking up an ip from the router as the Ethernet interface appears not to be running.

I have verified on the router that its not picking up an IP and the router(s) show the usual cable connected lights.

I also couldn’t ind vi to go in and edit any files.
Its been a long while since I played with the linux command line.

Any suggestions / help ?



To answer my own question

It looks like I should be using nano ?

I will try it later today