TV audio jack output to audio mixer to receiver

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I got this problem where I setup my audio mixer to tv and receiver. My Android tv have 2 audio output: one is optical digital that is directly connected to my receiver (HTS) and the other audio output is analog that is for 3.5mm audio jack. I connected my tv’s 3.5mm analog output to rca input of audio mixer then rca output of mixer to rca input of receiver. The problem is everytime I use the audio mixer during karaoke session I need to unplug the optical digital (either end) otherwise the tv will just bypass the audio mixer and provide the audio signal directly to receiver via optical digital connection. Is there anyway to avoid unplugging the optical digital?

There is no relation with the Volumio Audio Player, which this forum is meant for.
It is doubtful whether you will get any answers here, you may have to try your luck somewhere else.