Trouble about album named with double quotes or ampersand

Hi there,

I’ve just notice that, when album name contain double quote like the excellent album of Childish Gambino “Awaked, My Love!” (with double quotes in album name) the songs list doesn’t appear after click on album cover, from the Albums view. It’ work when I remove double quotes in albs name mp3 tags.

Thanks for that work you make with Volumio. (And sorry for my frenchy limited English)

Bruno, from Paris

Hi again,

Another bug report about album name trouble. When you got an Ampersand in the name like the great album of Charles Mingus named Blues & Roots. The album is not recognized by the database, I need to replace the ampersand with an and and it works. Same thing for Tom Waits album named Heartattack & Wine a lot of another albums.

Maybe I’m just talking about Cover trouble, because when the name is changed, Cover can be found and downloaded.

Thanks 4 your jobs guys.

Bruno from Paris

The problem is that a number of symbols such as quotes and ampersand have a very specific meaning to computer systems, and their use as “language” can lead to unexpected outcomes. They can be worked around, but it is often cumbersome, and is frequently easier just to avoid them.

I really understand that cause I am a web developper. But when you are an psychorigid-music-lover like me (an many other guys, I guess) and when you got an album named with quotes, ampersand or hashtag, because it means something for the artist who named it like this, it’s make me mad, I admit.

I am talking about respecting artists wording artwork, but I can understand that is not a roadmap priority in your development, just hope that will be on it someday.

Again, thanks for the great job you make with Volumio guys !

My original reply really was addressed at track filenames rather than track tags. If I edit the name tag, then I can add an ‘&’ and Volumio quite happily displays it correctly.