Tracks skipping in mid song on Qobuz

For the last two days (Friday and Saturday) I have had songs cut short in Volumio with Qobuz. It’s like the files are somehow truncated. It happens on one or two tracks every album. I’m guessing this is a Qobuz problem but wanted to leave it here in case someone knows what is going on. Thanks.

I am having the same problem with two different streamers, so it is not hardware related. Very annoying.

Are those streamers both running Volumio?

I’m having the same problem, this is with a Minidsp SHD Studio with all the latest updates(Volumio 1.048). Sometimes i can listen to an album fine other times it skips multiple song during and album, usually after a couple of minutes. It’s very frustrating. Sometimes Volumio crashes when i expected a skipped song. Maybe the hardware is defective i don’t know.
I tried to get in with ssh to look at some log files but the default password has been changed looks like. I have maxed out the audiobuffers for now see if that does anything…

I only use Qobuz btw.

So it’s not just me. Sometimes song skips with a minute or two left in the song. It skips to the next one. Sometimes when playing Qobuz, and sometimes when playing off a local media server.

Are those tracks already added to the queue? If yes, try to clear the queue before playing again.
Let us know