Touchscreen Plugin fails to run on RPi3 Volumio 2.2.46

I have several RPis running volumio. Decided to do a fresh install to 2.2.46 (System upgrade from much older version wasn’t taking). RPi3, with RPi 7" touchscreen. Everything seems to be working EXCEPT the touchscreen plugin - system displays Volumio splash screen, then goes to a text screen login. Web interface is fine. I’ve tried several times uninstalling, rebooting (or power cycle) and reinstalling the touchscreen plugin with same result. It worked fine on a much older version (I missed a few upgrades from earlier in 2017).

Suggestions on which log files to check for troubleshooting or other config settings welcome. I have full ssh and web access, and I’m comfortable messing around with a Linux system.

I’m going to test this on another RPi3/Touchscreen and see if it happens on another system…

Same problem for me.

Raspberry Pi B+
Volumio 2.282 (brand new install yesterday)
Raspberry official 7 inches touchscreen.

I was able to rotate the screen using “lcdrotate=2” in /boot/config.txt.

The screen is correctly seen in dmesg.

[   10.549811] rpi-ft5406 rpi_ft5406: Probing device

However, no overlays are loaded while I’ve read they should be loaded automagically if the screen is detected.

volumio@volumio:~$ sudo dtoverlay -l No overlays loaded

I tried to add some parameters in config.txt but they do not help, dtoverlay are still not loaded…

dtoverlay=rpi-ft5406 dtoverlay=rpi-backlight

Actually, I also have the login prompt on the touchscreen without the touchscreen plugin installed/loaded.

I have a HifiBerry DAC on this setup and it’s overlay is not loaded either (while being in config.txt)…
While the DAC is “working” (ie: it outputs sound).

Could this (overlay not loaded) be the “overall” issue?

I tried RuneAudio 0.4.
It worked “out of the box” (interface on screen, touchscreen, DiGi)…

I’ll check the release notes here and may come back to Volumio if this gets fixed.

I have a similar problem.

I can’t get the screen plugin to install past 70%

Any idea why?

Update: I never got the touchscreen working with 2.2.246. Decided I’d wait for another update and run headless for now. (Also other things in my life needing my attention more over fixing the display.) Checked the other night and saw 2.296 was up. Reflashed the card, booted, and did the config, installing the touchscreen as the only plugin. Worked (took a few seconds for the display to go from text login to blank to cursor to display). So added Spotify and the music NAS and it’s playing and merrily indexing. Trying other touchscreen system now. If that works, I’ll upgrade the system with the good DAC on the main audio system.

Initial config “wizard” is pretty slick and the system performance seems to be a bit quicker and more stable than before. So kudos to Michelangelo and the rest of the developers and testers!