Topping D70 DAC and I2S over HDMI Questions

I am looking at theTopping D70 DAC and have several question. I see the D70 supports IIS (I2S) over HDMI. I have Volumio running on a 2GB Raspberry Pi 4 and a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable.

Will Volumio output I2S over HDMI?
Any issues with I2S over HDMI?
Is there any advantage / disadvantage using I2S over HDMI vs a USB connection to the DAC?


Hi, my understanding is D70 is using HDMI shape connector for I2S, which might not be the same function on Raspi side.
I’m very interested with your question and start finding clear explanation about IIS-LVDS port on D70.
what i found so far that at Raspi side, I2S connection should be from GPIO header, I found it after googling “I2S pins raspberry pi”:

maybe we should make the cable by ourself? :unamused: :unamused: