Tiny 3D Printed Volumio Pi Zero 2 Music Player

Hi there,
I have created a tiny Volumio box based on a raspberry Pi Zero 2W, I thought that you might like to see some details.

The system is:

I’ve put more details about the project on my webpage and uploaded the 3D printable files and the code that I hacked to GitHub.

If you have any questions, please ask.


What a brilliant concept. Looks amazing.

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Really brilliant concept, I agree!

Can’t wait to print mine. Well done, keep up the good work!

Wow! That is really cool. You did a fantastic job, good work.

Hello can you possibly help me?

I am buying a brennan b2 this device is a stereo hifi system with CD player based on raspberry pi 1 (you will see it in this video)


At the moment it is based on some custom firmware which is designed for raspberry pi 1 (it could be volumino, I don’t know.

But raspberry pi 1 is old and not powerful and it needs external usb Wi-Fi and external usb Bluetooth

I want to upgrade this device to turn it into a media player to play movies via kodi etc, and a device where I can call people via WhatsApp using the remote control only. I well never use a keyboard or mouse

I am exploring two options

I have 2 options

  1. repurpose this hifi with the existing raspberry pi 1, and just edit the firmware
  2. upgrade this hifi to raspberry pi 3 b+ with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (then I don’t need to use external usb devices) but the custom firmware needs to be rebuilt for raspberry pi 3 b+ so that all the functions of the hifi (stereo) are still working ie ir receiver, cd player, front screen etc

In addition to this I require the following extra stuff

A) have a multi boot system, it needs to have 1) this custom firmware 2) lineageOS 3) osmc

But because I won’t have a keyboard and mouse I need to be able to quickly switch between operating systems with only the stereo remote control. So I need to be able to press a combination of buttons on the remote control to switch to operating system 2 or 3.

B) I want to turn a remote control into a microphone as well, so that I can make WhatsApp calls via this hifi stereo system. And the remote control will also be the microphone.

But also if I connected my headphones via Bluetooth I should also be able to make these phone calls

These are my requirements.

if the chassis is metal, you will have problems with the WiFi and BT signal of the integrated module on the newer Raspberry Pi.

  • Since the device is using the GPIO, I doubt that you can easily swap the rPi as the 1 and 3 have different GPIO pin lay-outs.
  • I doubt that you can’t multiboot by RC as this controller is not loaded yet, when you are going to select an OS. (Maybe you can tweak the boot part of berryboot)
  • you can look at berryboot, there are special built images for rPi-1 Volumio and OSMC
  • You need to built your SquashFS image for the custom software