Tinker Board or Tinker Board 'S'


Does the Tinker Board ‘S’ offer any real advantage over the vanilla model in terms of use for Volumio?

I don’t wish to spend more if there is no real payback.



Yes, it has integrated emmc. Which results in faster boot times and more speed. Also, it seems less sensitive to power issues than tinkerboard

We are releasing a specific product with the tinkerboard S (a ready to play device) in late august.
So, if you can wait, it would be great for you to start with what we will offer :wink:

Yes - I’ll wait for that. It should be worthwhile.


Do you plan to use it with an I2S DAC or with a USB DAC?

I wish to use my IFi Nano iDSD BL USB DAC.


Thinkerboard S with Volumio on EMMC Storage works fine.

My DAC is also connected via USB. RME ADI2-FS

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where did you buy your Tinker Board from please?

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