Tidal plugin has disappeared from the available sources

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.853
Hardware: ASUS TinkerBoard S
DAC: Khadas ToneBoard v.1

Every day at about 07:00 EST. I fire up my amp, my streamer and my dac and start listening to music via Tidal, and this until about midnight everyday of the year. I of course did the exact same thing this morning as I do every other day. I listened to music, it was Charlie Haden playing when music stopped and when Tidal simply vanished from my list of sources. I tried re-logging-in but could not. I re-booted the Volumio app on my ASUS. Nothing.
Can you please look into it at your end as I have pretty much exhausted the possibilities here at my end.

I just wanteed to let you know that the source finally reappeared and as been functionning well eversince. I can’t tell you what caused the outage or the disapearance of the Tidal connector, but strangely enough, while the Tidal source was not showing in my dashboard environment, I was able to use Tidal staight off my Win PC and through my IFi Zen Dac and it all worked perfectly, thus rulling out a Tidal availability issue.
Let me know if you have any idea as to what happened