Tidal playback skips track after pause

Hi them all,

I can reproduce a strange behaviour:

Queue some tracks via Tidal
Play a track in this queue
Pause the playback for - let’s say - 10 Minutes
Resume playing by clicking the Pause icon again
The paused track begins to play at the second it was paused (ok)
After a couple of seconds the track playback stops in the middle of the track and the next track in the queue starts to play (not ok)

Hope it helps to make MyVolumio better - even better than it is already

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Thanks for letting us know!
We’ll see if we can replicate and fix

Any solution to this issue, I’m experiencing the same problem.

I have the samen problem with Qobuz streaming, whenever I pause a track for a few minutes, it resumes the playback, but after a minute or so, it slips to the next track, which is very annoying. This happens both when using the web/app interface and the CLI. Is there a way around It? Thanks.

Is there any progress on this? It syill happens, there seems not to be fix for this yet. Thanks.

I have the same problem with Qobuz, Hello Volumio? This is EASY to reproduce… have a playlist, play a song… pause song for a couple of mins. unpause, tracks plays thens skips. Please fix… Is there anyway we can make this a ticket to be looked at?


we are working in these days on a new build that fix the issue!
Stay tuned

When is the new Volumio update coming out?


as far as I can test it, the issue has been solved.

Thanks a lot!
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