Tidal not connecting to Volumio

Under sources I tried signing in to my tidal account and it never indicated that I was officially signed in, so I went to browse>home> and saw that tidal was linked, but when I click on tidal nothing loads and it stays blank. If a video for a better understanding needs to be provided, I can do so.

If you can post a short video, that would be very useful.

I tried to upload in a zip format, but it told me I couldn’t upload an attachment because im a new member unfortunately

With my volumio i added a Quboz account and it streamed perfectly. It seems to only be tidal. Any chance you might know why thats an issue?

I have read somewhere that if you are logged in Tidal on several devices at a time, it may cause issues. Make sure you close all other Tidal apps on other devices and then try again.