TIDAL Issue after update

After update Volumio 3 from 3.378 to 3.396, the samplerate of every song (if it is MQA or not) remains 44KHz 16bit.
Version 3.378:

Version 3.396:


The same here. Volumio 3.396 on intel NUC (NUC7CJYHN2)


Do not worry about that, Volumio streams the unfolded MQA stream as-is and only displays what it can see.
Your DAC does the MQA unfolding and probably shows that on its display or with a led status, whatever. In case you can’t hear the difference, then forget about this useless format like may others do.

I 'm using an Hifiberry dac 2 HD, you can “hear” the difference between version 3.378 and 3.396.
I think it’s a software bug, because they did some modification for Tidal between those 2 versions.
I hope the Volumio team can fix this problem. I leave it now to version 3.378.


Does that even support MQA unfolding?

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None off the Hifiberry DAC’s supports MQA unfolding.

Please stop cross posting