Tidal Connect seek function does not work in Tidal App, on IOS or Android

Hey guys, I have Volumio running on an Allo DigiOne running on an RPi4. I purely use the DigiOne as a digital streamer, and use the Coax out to connect to the input on my DAC.

The main issue I’ve been having aside from intermittently needing to reboot the device, is that the seek track function does not work 90% of the time. If I try to seek to another part of the track, the song simply freezers and audio playback stops. I am seeing the same behavior whether using the Tidal App on IOS on my 2021 iPad Air, or in Android on my Pixel 4 XL. Playback can resume just fine if I select another song, or simply use the forward or back track buttons.

Logs attached below which were ran immediately after I tried seeking and it froze.


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Bumping topic for additional visibility. I should note that sometimes does actually work fine, but that’s only like 10% of the time in my experience thus far.

I have the same issue.

I am running 2.917 on a RPi 3B.
(V3 was too unreliable to be used. Skipping tracks would crash it.)

My seek seems to work for very short gaps, makes me think that it is allowing me to seek within the what has been buffered.

Hopefully this is addressed in the next release.
(I am only using volumio for tidal connect.)