Tidal connect not working from android phone


For a few days Tidal connect has stopped working when initiated from my android phone. Used to work ok since the first release of tidal connect for volumio. It works correct when initiated from my mac. Here is the log of what happens :


And since that link leads to a 404 not found, I paste here the lines that appear in live log when I try to initiate tidal connect from my phone :

[2022-09-09 19:10:49] [error] handle_transport_init received error: TLS handshake failed [2022-09-09 19:10:49] [info] Error getting remote endpoint: asio.system:107 (Transport endpoint is not connected) [2022-09-09 19:10:49] [info] asio async_shutdown error: asio.ssl:336462231 (shutdown while in init)

Thanks a lot for your help,

Issue is in the Tidal-app, see this thread for a workaround and when Tidal will fix the issue.

Thanks for your reply, clearing app data did the job.