Tidal Connect - Music not playing via Tidal Apps, only via Volumio app

I’m hoping someone can help.

I’ve set up Volumio onto a Raspberry Pi 4 with an Allo DigiOne hat and am having trouble with Tidal connect.

I am a Volumio Virtuoso member and when I use either an iPhone, an iPad and the Tidal desktop Mac application, Tidal sees the Raspberry Pi but doesn’t play any sound when I select it and click play. The Tidal app on all devices look like they’re thinking about it, but nothing happens and there’s no sound at all.

When I open my Volumio dashboard via Google Chrome, it shows something is happening but at 44.1 KHz (still no sound). What’s weird is that I can play music via the Volumio Tidal plugin, which plays at 320Kbps (sounds great btw).

Does anyone know why the Tidal apps don’t work? I’ve reset the cache, logged in and out, with no joy. FYI playing music to Volumio via Spotify connect and using the Spotify iPhone app works seamlessly.

Thanks in advance.