Tidal Connect from Mac, Album art missing till next track

Volumio Version:
Hardware: Pi 4 with 5.5" LCD
DAC: Dragonfly Red

I recently got Tidal Connect up and running, and it has been great. I discovered one small bug regarding album art. When I stream from my iPhone via Tidal connect the album art shows up properly every time on the on-board LCD. When I stream from the native Tidal app on my mac, however, the first track that I play doesn’t have album art. Skipping to the next track causes the album art to show up immediately. If I select another track and play it, the album art is not shown. So album art doesn’t show from a user initiated play event, but does show from a next track event.

То же самое происходит и со spotify
the same thing happens with Spotify

Please, in English! Thanks

Just set up Volumio here and I’m noticing the same problem. Album art does not display properly when playing songs from Tidal on the Mac until the next track starts playing. Works fine from my iPhone.

Same issue with 3.179